Friday, June 01, 2007

Ms. June

Super low tide at the spot I hit. Hoped the swell was hitting overnight. Rushed down to see a lot of rocks and not much swell as dawn crept in. Sat on the beach skipping rocks and stretching and hoping and being bored. Fuck it, I am here, it's early, better paddle out. See a buddy strolling way down the beach, joins me and now us two heads are bobbing on the way inside. Never sat off of this rock before.Not much. Then hour by hour a little more would come in. Signs of fun navel highers. Outside rock workin'. Some quick zippers and lotsa laughs. In the middle of a metropolis on a Friday morning trading off waves all alone. Damn, dawn turned out okay this mornin'.

Man I hope my sweet sexy lady June brings us much more than that tease May.

2.6 @ 17secs from 295
1st out


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