Monday, December 31, 2007


See ya '07.
Thanks for the goods.
Head high plus.
Drove down to my first love to end the year.
Started out at the Porto jetty until the tide killed it.
Drifted around it to the north and enjoyed dumpin' peaks.
Water cold but warm compared to where I have been lately.
A lot of heads but all super cool.
Noddin' to old locals.
Closely watchin' holiday newbies.
No wind all day at the beachies.
Stoney midday session at buddies beach shack.
Fiddlin' with fins and swappin' boards.
Gigglin' like schoolgirls out in the drink after.
2nd session was good but the clear headed first was mo bettah.
Red hot orange burnin' sunset.
Groovin' to good jams after.
Laughin' in an early new year.
They all went out to booze and pick up some ladies.
Hard to keep up these days.
But stoked.
Hope it holds.

7.7 @ 310 at 14 secs


At 11:28 AM, Blogger Patch said...

Push, thanks man. Best for 2008.

Checked it this morn and the offhores were angry so I opted out.


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