Thursday, February 14, 2008

Keep on surfin'

Sad news that Bill Holden passed away in early February. He was a classic shaper back in the days of Velzy and Bing and Yater and on and on. My second board was one of his shapes, a 9'6" single fin, all white, with that classic big Holden logo of the stoked guys running to the curlin' wave. I actually saw him speak several years ago and he seemed just so down to earth and special. Still a stoked ol' surf dude. Would have loved to pick his genius shapin' brain a little more.

His quote on his art really sums him up “It’s like sculpting. It just gets in your blood”. So fuckin' true Bill.

Was actually fun in the offshore windy rain this morn'. Was actually not fun gettin' dressed in the offshore windy rain after the session.

9.1 @14sec from 305


At 2:10 PM, Blogger lee said...

Im sorry to hear that news im a big fan of the shapes these guys produced, its a dying art. The best logs ive ridden are these kinds of southern californian boards those rails are sweeeet.
Wouldnt part with my custom harbour for anything.


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