Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dark Lights

This snap might look like nothing but it means everything. Brakelights in the darknight.

Fresh new south a couple weeks back. Pull up to the spot at stupid o’clock pre-dawn. Vaguely make out a van slowing down on the shoulder. Stops. Driver gets out. Okay, I’m sharin’ waves today. He pops the back door. Hmm, that is a lot of boards maybe he wants options. Passenger door opens. Fuck, another head hops out. Then another follows him. FUCK. Three surfers. Big longboards.

You know what happens in your head next. Please let me be imagining this. Tryin’ to stay stoked. Hopin’ they will be summer newbies who stay on the inside. But knowin’ either way, that there will be mornin’ traffic before the mornin’ traffic. Damn. Summer.

2.0 @ 12secs from 185


At 7:26 AM, Blogger Rick said...

summer's almost over and the cold will send 'em runnin for something else like ...bowling or group runs or whatever the new vibes are on the tube



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