Saturday, September 06, 2008


This rad kid has been settin' sail around the world. First mornin' he left Marina Del Rey and started out over the Pacific. He's on a little yacht and seems like he really immerses himself into the different culture stops where he anchors. He's been broke down in Papua New Guinea for a week or so and I was thinkin', if I was him, I would find some swell and a hut. But then I read about the city he is in.

"Port Moresby was ranked the worst capital city in the world to live in the Economist Intelligence Unit's ranking of 130 of the world's capital cities . High levels of rape, robbery and murder and large areas of the city controlled by gangs of thugs, known locally as "rascals".

Anyway, he just got the word all's good so the teenage kid from South Bay is back up sailin' again!! Go Zach!

Kept track of the voyage and learn more:

On the surf note it has been small and crowded and frothing and stoking. Fun for the first 1/2 of the day and then it would be no fun. Still some southie out there too!

2.4 @ 12secs from 190


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