Thursday, January 10, 2008

Skatin' and Mattson

The asphault Mavericks was fun tonight. Start at the top and pick your path way down to the bottom. Skatin'. Fun driverway lips and sidewalks. Smooth concrete with no traffic. See I was at the Mattson 2 and Barbee show tonight. Actually it was Money Mark who headlined but the stylin' jazz of the Mattson 2 was the reason we showed up. Such a tight good happy sound they have. Always a treat to see a show at the Troubadour because of the fun hills up the street from it. An hour before and at least an hour after. Take turns drivin' up the hill and skatin' down it. Only one leg rash from a cocky attempted slide out in a water patch.

If only Barbee knew of the fun skate up the way from him. Felt like lettin' him in on the secret and givin' him my homemade board to rip. He seems like he wouldn't mind ridin' a funky homemade longboard. Would love to see him style down the hill on it. But didn't want to kookily bother the cat. Anyway, yeah these guys are good live. Don't miss 'em next time they roll thru your neighborhood.

Surf should be good tomorrow morn. Hope the longer period stuff makes an appearance.

8.1 @ 10 secs from 310

EDIT: Just heard Money Mark did the score for this cool art film "Beautiful Losers". It is a film featuring all the "surf art heads" like Thomas Campbell, the lovely art of Margaret Kilgallen, Barry McGee, Mike Mills, etc. Check out the trailer. And a Money Mark score can only help. Trailer here:

Oh and the surf was grand this morn too. I'm tired and salted.


At 8:50 AM, Blogger ras said...

doubt those guys will ever make it round my way. let's see a photos of the DIY longboard

At 9:50 AM, Blogger Ian Ernzer said...

yo PT, yeah those guys rip. Barbee and the twins are such mellow heads to talk to also.

At 10:25 AM, Blogger Patch said...

Love to see the skate.

I've got a pretty stylish handmade longboard skate that a friend made for me, I'll post another shot of it soon.

Great film!


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