Monday, October 20, 2008


Loggin' like Kenny all weekend. Small warbly near empty spots up North. Crisp water and crisp air. Crispy face at work today.

A new feelin' I wanted, so I only took my only log with me. Homebuilt in around '05. It was a reshaped bigger longboard that I had been given to me by a buddy. Striped the foam off and copied a Brewer pintail shape. I glassed it all red because it seemed like every Brewer board is cool red. Early on in the shapin', I sanded too hard and broke off the nose so she finally turned out about 8 inches shorter, at 7'1". Hey, its still a long ass longboard for me!

This is my only watershot of the Fake Brewer Red Beast, 7'1"x21 3/8x2 3/4. Looks like an ode to the rad jdubsingles site with this board and wave pic.

1.9 @ 17secs from 200


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Red...always a good choice.


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