Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Wha' happen'?

So fun yesterday. Today, more heads in the water and less waves. Consistency was gone. Big set waves were gone. Still snagged a good one but a total of 3 rides in 2 1/2 hours isn't too hot.

The two tools were out there again. Yappin' away about this and that. Nonstop yappin'. One said "Oh all the surf sites I look at didn't mention the good swell yesterday. They lied". I replied, "Yeah, wish they would always lie."

One of the kooks bought a new Aipa longboard, 10 fucking feet long and 4 inches thick. Popout, of course. Now he not only goes for every wave, but never misses. What fucking fun is it to just stand there on your huge door? Why do you yell "Party Wave" before each one. Some of us like to surf alone on a wave, call us crazy. Go home KOOK! Sorry, I am calm now.

Wish I lived back in the time of this pic that was taken of the Malibu area.

2.6 @ 17secs from 190 (but it sure di'int feel like it!!)
1st out.


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