Saturday, May 31, 2008


Kevin Short fish artin'.

Last two days have been some junky small windswell. Winds up this morning, surf shape down the other morning. Surfed within distance of my good old friend from the last couple years. Sad to see her just not working anymore. No more shape or sandbar. Gone. This spot had been goin' really good the last two years and pretty good for three before that. Too much sand moved into it is my poor guess. Sucks either way. Such a fun wave last year. Readin' my old writings had me super nostalgic for her long rippable fast rights. Then again, this might be the best thing that happened. Word was gettin' out. 4 heads out when the tide started. Then 7 heads on the days it was tubing. Tales were being told. Barrels being spoken of. Shit, I even blabbed more than usual. Talkin' story is good...just don't give away the tide that makes it work!

Sloshed a beer down at the foamez party after and learned a couple boardmakin' tips. Some beautiful work by the nine lights dude there too. All stokin' now to mow some foam but too bad I didn't win a blank in the raffle.

1.6 @ 17 from 180


At 6:18 AM, Blogger NiegĂ  said...

Cool fish. It will be a pity to wax it!



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