Sunday, October 26, 2008

Semi Homespun The End

So I goopily glassed it very thick and heavy. Lots of resin sandin' down shavin' off pounds. A couple different colored resin buckets of mess and destruction and out she came. A little 5'1X21X2 2/3" of fishy delight. Fun, fun, fun in beachbreak, like ridin' a bronco if there is any windbump on the waves, and it flies through sections at the points. So here she is all bundled and taped up because she made the cut on a recent Mex trip last year. Love Mex.

Deep sunrise session the last day tryin' to beat the departin' plane almost made the best session of the trip (better than the long point olas even). Punchy chest high Mexican glassy beachbreak is where this board came alive! The V and the thin rails really helpin' out digging that rail. I think. Your senses are always sketching in a different country in the early dawn. People in the shadows and big shadows in the ocean. Then you feel that warm sea and all your worries are gone.

Because of my super thick resin job, the board even made it home with only one ding. Nice! This guy perfectly sums up the feelin' and vibe of the whole trip down south...taco n' cervesa fatted up, sunny warmth, dippin' boardshorts, surfin' stoked, and just barely gettin' out of it in one piece.

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At 9:35 PM, Blogger nm said...

'resin sandin' down shavin' off pounds.'

I had the same thought last night as I squeezed into a little black dress & fuschia stilettos....

At 12:57 PM, Blogger Christian said...

I like the papoose you made for your board. :) Have a good trip!


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