Wednesday, June 04, 2008

What's weaker, me or the windswell?

Negative low tide peaks,
Too bad the windswell was weak.
Every worse was me kookin' out.
Hard. Flailing on some. Pathetic.
But a couple bigger chesties came in that I got some good turns in.
And then more kookin'.
Abundant sealife.
Warm olas.

Good news was that my ol' spot I thought was done started to shine again. Hopefully she shines even brighter tomorrow and I can get my feable skills back to match it.

3.1 @ 8 secs from 315


At 5:02 PM, Anonymous reverb said...

...I dunno, but this pict has a f+++ng wave...

At 12:44 AM, Blogger Mick said...

Where the hell is that!!!

At 9:04 PM, Blogger Bill said...

I love that photo....


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